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Åsne Melhuus Art




Åsne (b. 1975). Brought up in the beautiful countryside surroundings in Ringsaker, in the middle east of Norway. Being outdoors and nature is very important to Åsne.


Åsne has from early life been a creative person: painting, drawing, wrighting and singing. She started painting with acryl in 2007, by learning basic techniquies from a another artist. Åsne quickly developed her own skills, and identity in her paintings expressions. She is always in progress of exploring and developing new skills. Constant search for light and playing with colours. Åsnes nonfigurative art is clearly influenced by nature and reflects landscapes…mountains, sky, oceans…in different wheater and seasons….

 Åsne also  make acrylpaintings on orders in regards to colours. 


Dec. 2012: Sepparat exebition. “All is Nature/ Nature is all”  

June 2018: Sepparat exebition: ” Soulscape/ Landscape” 

Nov 2018: Lions Nordtrand art exebition representing the most important artists in Norway.

April 2019: Åsnes Art is invited and sent to an international exebition in Beijing for comtemporary art crossing borders.



60cm x 60cm

60cm x 60cm

60cm x 60cm

50cm x 40cm 

60cm x 40cm

50cm x 40cm


60cm x 60cm

60cm x 40cm


Upc events

April-May, 2019 | Beijing


Contemporary Art Special Zone-                                          Fangshan Times Piazza Sculpture Great Event Starting Point








About the Exhibition:


Pashmin Art Consortia in cooperation with different art museums around the world actualize the “Pashmin Art Circulation” Projects wherein artists from different countries participate.


The achievements of each artist are seen in his or her individual and national artistic language. Exhibitions show a wide range of exhibits from the categories of sculpture,painting, photography, installation, video art, etc. To understand the unfamiliar means, first and foremost, to learn about its cultural background, to perceive and to accept the differences, and at the same time to discover the similarities.


The theme of the exhibition is “The Crossroads of the World”. This exhibition will show a sign of being together, a symbol of love and friendship mirrored in culture. In this case, different cultures are undoubtedly cross-fertilized.


The duration of the exhibition is : 6 April – 6 May 2019


Why Åsne Melhuus’s is selectes to this exebition:

Åsnes work tries to connect the outside landscape to the inner landscape or as she calls it, soulscape. Raised in the natural environment of Norway, she is fully influenced by nature. As the mind knows no borders and edges and corners, her paintings (apart from the frames) reflect the wavy landscape. That is, in her work, we see the intermingling of the inside and outside, the sky and the earth, the sea and the land. This is a very important message to the world today that forgets nature is a friend of man and the man-made culture should befriend nature not act against it. That is why Åsne’s works deserve to be exhibited at this project.










Åsne Melhuus


Oslo, Norway